Hotel Rules

1. General Rules

1.1 The rules below regulate the nature of the relationship between the hotel and the guests (including Russian citizens, foreign citizens, persons without citizenship, or corporate bodies).

1.2 All the guests are required to show a government issued identification document at check-in (passport, birth certificate for children under 14 years old, or another document in accordance with regulation).

1.3 The hotel operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1.4 Hotel time intervals:

Check-in: 2:00 pm. Check-out: 12:00 am. Payment time: 12:00 am.

Cottages time intervals:

Check-in: 4:00 pm. Check-out: 2:00 pm. Payment time: 12:00 am.

1.5 Provision of services is deemed commenced when the keys are handed over to the guest or their representative.

1.6 Rooms are cleaned every day (dusting, waste disposal, bathroom cleaning). Bed linen is changed once in two days.

1.7 The guest is responsible for fire safety in their room during their stay.

1.8 The hotel is not responsible for any personal belongings left unattended by the guest in their room.

1.9 The guest acknowledges and accepts the fact that CCTV is used in public areas throughout the hotel.

1.10 The hotel reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the agreement with the guest, or refuse to renew such agreement, or otherwise reject service when the guest __ violates the rules, failes to provide payment, causes damage to property, or causes nuisance to other guests by their actions or behaviour.

1.11 Rooms are checked by housekeeping at check-out time. The guest will be held financially liable to make good any damages or missing property, in accordance with legislation and the hotel’s property damage price list, and held responsible for other breaches of the rules.

2. BookingRules

2.1 Call reservations: +79278931793 or 8(8482)310-008, or book online:

2.2 In order to guarantee a booking a pre-payment is required, which is equal to the cost of the first day of stay. The booking is deemed guaranteed as soon as such pre-payment is received by the hotel.

3. BookingCancellationsandRefunds

3.1 In case of a guaranteed booking, the guest is eligible for a full refund if a cancellation is made at least three days before check-in date; otherwise, pre-payment for a guaranteed booking is NOT REFUNDABLE.

3.2 Non-guaranteed bookings are automatically cancelled on the first day of stay at 16:00 for the hotel and 18:00 for the cottages.

3.3. In case of no-show, guaranteed bookings are automatically cancelled at 12:00 of the next day.

4. Payments

4.1 Payments are made in Russian rubles at the reception in cash, via debit or credit card, or bank transfer.

4.2 If a payment via bank transfer has not come through to the hotel’s bank account, the guest has to either show proof of transfer from their bank or make a cash payment instead.

4.3 All payments are made in accordance with the price list and check-out time.

4.4 The management guarantees the guest’s stay at the hotel, that has been paid for, except for occasions that trigger refusal of service such as breach of these rules.

4.5 The guest’s stay may be extended, subject to room availability, by contacting the reception.

4.6  If the guest departs before the end of their stay, the day of departure is not refundable. The balance for the unused days is refunded via the same method as to the original payment, except for the cases when the booking is not refundable.

4.7 If the guest departs early on the first day, a full day’s charge is applicable regardless of the actual check-in or check-out times.

4.8 Late check-out is available (up to 6 hours) at a cost of half daily rate. Extension beyond 6 hours after standard check-out time is charged at a full daily rate.

4.9. If the guest checks-in at night between 22:00 and 8:00, standard check-out time still applies.

4.10. Early check in is available (after 6:00) at a cost of half daily rate. Check in before 6:00 is charged at a full daily rate.

4.11. Cottages stay may be extended for 1000 RUB per hour, subject to availability and confirmation from the reception. Hotel room extension and late check-out are subject to availability. Minimum extension for hotel rooms is 6 hours (up to 18:00) and is charged at a half daily rate.

5. Guests are NotPermitted

• Leave third parties in their room unattended;

• Hand over room keys to third parties;

• Store in the room any weapons or firearms;

• Store in the room any flammable or explosive substances or materials, or narcotics;

• Keep any dogs or other pets in the room or walk them within the grounds;

• Smoke on any of the hotel premises (5000 RUB fine);

• Remain at the hotel facilities whilst intoxicated with alcohol or drugs;

• Open external doors or windows while air conditioning is on;

• Cause nuisance to other guests;

• Alter hotel interior, including re-arranging furniture and taking it outside the room;

• Use explosives or fireworks inside rooms or anywhere within the hotel grounds (5000 RUB fine);

• Take any dishes, cutlery, food or beverages outside the hotel restaurants without prior consent from management;

• Remain in public spaces within the hotel (corridors, halls, lobby, lifts or stairs) while naked, topless, barefoot or in slippers, or only wearing underwear or bathing suits / swim suits.

• Consume food or beverages in public areas that have not been purchased at the hotel.

• Use foul language or display immoral behaviour (e.g. violence, offensive or rude behaviour towards others, overindulgence in alcohol etc.)

6. Guests’Responsibilities

• Pay fully and in a timely manner for all the services provided by the hotel;

•Comply with the dress code while at the restaurants and in public areas;

• When leaving the room, close all the water taps, windows, switch off the lights and electrical equipment;

• Strictly comply with the fire safety rules;

• Repaying any financial losses resulting from physical loss or damage to the hotel property in accordance with the price list.

• If accompanied by children, take special care of their safety. Do not leave children unattended in children’s play zones, swimming pools or on parkland.

• Take full responsibility for the actions of the invited guests.

• At the end of the stay, vacate the room and return the keys to the reception;

• If the guest has not extended their stay and not present at check-out time, without the possibility of being contacted, the management reserves the right to take inventory of the guest’s personal belongings and remove them from the room. The management will notify the guest via telephone or email about the belongings left behind that can be sent via Russia Post for extra charge.

• Provide access for housekeeping to clean the room and change bed linen during the stay.

• Notify the management about any faulty equipment, furniture or lighting.

• Pay a 5000 RUB fine for smoking tobacco in order to rectify the consequences and compensate for the costs involved in refurbishing the hotel facilities.

• To park personal vehicles within the designated car park only. Parking elsewhere on the hotel grounds is not permitted (5000 RUB fine).

7. Other Rights and Responsibilities

• Subject to compliance with the rules, the hotel guarantees to the guest the right to use the facilities and services provided.

• The guest accepts an obligation to pay for the services provided by the hotel.

• The hotel is not responsible for ___ operation of public facilities of urban infrastructure.

• The management is not responsible for any personal belongings not handed over for safety storage.

• Upon noticing the loss of or damage to the personal belonging, the guest needs to notify the reception without delay .

• All feedback and complaints are registered in the Feedback and Complaints Booklet located at the reception.

• In case of non-compliance with the above rules, the management reserves the right to vacate the guest early and/or press legal charges, if applicable.

• The hotel guarantees the right to use the services provided the guest complies with the rules.

• The guest is responsible for payment for all the services provided by the hotel.

Any disputes not specified in the rules will be resolved through negotiation. In cases where such negotiations proved unsuccessful or unsatisfactory, the disputes will be handled in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation.

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